Delivery Channels

Delivery Channels

RPL under PMKVY can be implemented via five modes; viz. RPL at Camps, RPL at Employer’s Premise, RPL at Centres, RPL with Best in Class Employers and RPL through Demand. Process of implementation largely remains the same in all five modes.

RPL at Camps:

PIA targets a particular location where a certain group/ cluster of candidates with particular skill set are consolidated. These can be industrial or traditional clusters. Ceiling amount of pay-out to PIA is INR1700 per candidate.


RPL at Employer’s Premise:

RPL of already employed candidates is majorly conducted at the employer’s premise in this mode. The PIA may partner with an employer wherein it may choose to mobilize already employed candidates (either on permanent or contractual terms of the employer) or engage potential job seekers in that industry. Ceiling amount of pay-out to PIA is INR1400 per candidate. Read More

RPL at Centres:

RPL is conducted at designated training centres. This delivery channel is more suitable for candidates who are desirous of participating under RPL during weekends. RPL at Centres acts as an effective way to function as a walk-in centre for obtaining RPL certification. A pilot was conducted under PMKVY wherein targets were approved to PIAs to conduct RPL in approved PMKKs (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras). Ceiling amount of pay-out to PIA is INR1600 per candidate.

RPL with Best in Class Employers:

This mode of RPL focuses on flexible and direct collaboration with top reputed employers in different sectors through Sector Skill Councils. Sector Skill Council functions as Project Implementing Agency in this mode. The aim is to put the top employer in the center of the activities and extend the NSQF certification to the large uncertified workforce existing across employers in various sectors. The proposed projects in this mode looks to utilize Top chef/ Departmental Head/ Supervisors/Workshop Managers/Senior Supervisors/Master Trainers of employers as ‘Employer Assessor’. It is required that these undergo orientation on assessment by SSC as per NSQF standards. RPL in this mode intends to encourage organized sectors of the economy and bring more objectivity by favouring online methods of assessments (preferable). Pay-out to PIA in this mode is INR500/ 800, as per guidelines. No pay-out to employer is proposed.

RPL through Demand:

RPL through demand will be conducted at Centres to which targets have been allocated by NSDC and mobilization of candidates will happen through a Demand Aggregation portal


  • Expression of Interest
  • Target Allocation Strategy
  • Train the Assessor Program
  • Conduct of RPL
  • Assessment
  • Certification
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